IX. Italy: Milan and Como

Buckle up kids, here come the blog posts.

A few days ago I returned from a wonderful 12 days travelling from North Italy to the South and back up again. There were a few blunders (getting on the wrong train, getting lost, getting lost again), but I’m proud to say nothing went horribly wrong.

Along with Jenna – bubbly, bright and more attached to her phone that anyone I’ve ever met – I visited Milan, Lake Como, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Amalfi Coast and Venice. We were really lucky with the weather, as you’ll see in the photos. Let’s dive in!

After a disgusting bus ride that lasted 12 hours instead of 8.5 because of standstill traffic in the Swiss countryside, we FINALLY got to Milan. The plan had been to spend a whole afternoon exploring the city, but we were only given 2 hours of daylight. So after going the wrong way on the old wooden tram, we finally got to our Air BnB and then went for dinner. Here’s a little peek at the street we stayed in:


The next morning we headed off to the train station and stored our luggage. Ironically we got McDonalds because it’s the quick and easy option, yet we still had to grab our food and run to catch our train. At least the food and coffee was good! We got to Lake Como and just spent the morning wandering around. It’s a gorgeous place. Sadly one of the main villas was being renovated so it looked very sad and dusty, but the rest of the place was grand. I’m just sad that I didn’t know it was a Star Wars filming location until I had left.



IMG_3998IMG_4017IMG_4058IMG_4065IMG_4070After exploring the lakeside we headed into the centre of Como. Gorgeous little place; the Saturday markets were in full swing and there were buskers on every corner. It was a lively and bright place to visit.


We headed back to Milan for lunch, with a pitiful window of two hours before our next train. We did go to the Duomo, but we only saw the outside because the ticket line was horrendous and then the entrance line was even worse. I just googled photos of the inside.


Milan didn’t stick out all that much, as many people had told me. If we’d had more time I would’ve been able to get a better idea of the place, but unfortunately we had a tight schedule: next stop, La Spezia!



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