IV. Une semaine de pluie

translation: a week of rain

second translation: everything’s fine until you forget your umbrella

I love the rain. Slowly waking up to the sound; the way it smells on the trees and the pavements; how everything else seems to get really quiet. However I do love it most when I’m watching it through the window, not soaking wet. With that in mind, let’s get cracking.

This Saturday a small group of us took the bus up to Metz, France. We experienced a slight hiccup on the way when the French police stopped our bus for a random ID check. Turns out you still need to carry your passport even if you’re not leaving the country. After giving me back my license and student card 30 minutes later, Kayla and I were warned that if it happened again we would be detained for 16 hours. Joyous.

We arrived in Metz at 3pm and it was raining. And while this can add a certain charm to some places, it honestly would’ve been nicer if we had arrived on a clear day, with more than 2 hours of daylight. I want to say I loved Metz but it didn’t really do it for me. Maybe it was the weather. But there wasn’t much to do and we had to wander around for quite a while before finding a good place for a coffee.

In saying that I did appreciate the stoney architecture, the narrow cobblestone streets and the medieval feel to it all – but the rain made it difficult for photos so here are the few I managed to get…


Fast forward two days and I’m getting on a bus over to Freiburg, Germany for a long awaited meet up with Emma, who has been studying in Konstanz for the past 4 months, and whom I haven’t seen since July. Thankfully our exchange destinations were so close to each other that meeting halfway only took me 1 hour and 15 minutes! The weather was much kinder to us so we were able to amble through the streets, in and out of shops and patisseries.


Somehow we resisted buying any tarts and pastries


Brunch was had at ‘Cafe Aspekt’ which had an awesome menu for really good prices. Of course there was confusion with the English and the German and we ended up with an extra plate of food, which I had to take back, even though a whole plate of smoked salmon wouldn’t have gone amiss. The four hot pretzel sticks I got were heaven enough, and two of them got wrapped up and packed in my bag for later.

Inside a beautifully decorated clothing and homewares shop called Lust Auf Gut


Blue sky! Even if it only lasted 20 minutes, I’ll take it.


This horrific thing was making dying sheep noises and clacking its teeth. Thank you for the nightmares, and good luck getting tips.


I’d be happy to go back here again, especially since most of the museums were closed on the day we went. Even though Emma and I only had a short day together I’m so glad I managed to catch her before she heads home!

To Emma: I hope you approve of the photos I chose. I’ll save the embarrassing ones for your birthday.




3 thoughts on “IV. Une semaine de pluie

  1. Oh Kim these are just beautiful, you really have a great eye and capture the most amazing things in your photos. Love them. Hope all is going well asides from the adventures you are managing to have.


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