III. Keeping Warm

I have been having moments of homesickness this week, and today it is grey and raining, which always puts me in a writing mood. So here we are.

I was playing this on repeat while writing, if you want a lil’ ambience https://soundcloud.com/lukehoward/first-harvest


so we find ourselves sleeping

in a cocoon of familiarity

we wrapped around our bodies

upon leaving, for safekeeping;

a skin we were determined to shed,

emerge from, anew, afresh,

but here we are now,

clinging to it instead.


glossy photos stacked in reams

remind us how hot afternoons

taste on fingers and toes,

weave their way into dreams

that we cling to like a quilt in this cold

new world, stranger place –

anything to help us feel some

semblance of fitting the mould.


and we think ourselves alone,

the only body made small

by this drastic displacement,

this freezing of noses and chattering bones.

but we sleep back to back

with one more, and more still:

some hundreds searching for

the same warmth we lack.


so we seek out the others.

stretching our legs and tongues,

blink away snowflakes to find

our new sisters and brothers.

and in this chaos and calm,

this grand melting pot,

we discover new warmth, at last,

and greet it with open arms.


8 thoughts on “III. Keeping Warm

  1. You are one very talented young lady, Kim!! Hope you’re feeling a bit better and not missing home, family and friends quite as much. Love you lots xxx


  2. OH my goodness Kim. This is amazing. Hope you are keeping this kind of thing to publish into a book one day. WOW.
    Hope you not feeling too low now and that you are over the homesickness like the poem says.
    Love you 🙂 xxxxxoxoxoxox


  3. wao, Kimmy!!! beautiful! Next time in french??/
    If it helps: without being down sometimes we would never enjoy being up!!!And that would be soooo sad!!! looking forward to your next UP!!!! And wishing it to you sooner than later !!!!


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