I. Atterrissage

atterrissage (nm)

landing; touchdown.

Mesdames et messieurs, we made it.

It has been 10 days since we landed in snowy Strasbourg, and it feels like so much longer. So much has happened, I have met so many people and forgotten so many names. Honestly it’s easier to remember where everyone is from: “the girl from England, those guys from Argentina, that one guy from Greece”. I’ve never been in such a melting pot of cultures before and it’s magical.

I left my camera at home for the first week because I was too overwhelmed trying to just get my bearings and cross the road at the right time (cars don’t always stop at the zebra crossings here, which is difficult). Setting up the apartment took over a week but it finally feels functional. Shout out to Ikea and Simply.


Last Sunday a group of us did the walk over to Kehl, Germany. It took us an hour because we got lost, and even though I was feeling pretty sick, it was still worth it. Plus there was a hot chocolate at the end which always helps. The snow made some things look really bleak, but the gardens all look so lovely covered in white. And it was exciting and bizarre to just cross a bridge and suddenly be in a different country with a new language and people. Europe is just so different and I’m in love. Here are some photos from that afternoon…



Then today, being a clear and crisp Friday, Claudia and I joined other students in eating Galettes des Rois (again). I found some other Australians – one lives in the suburb next to me back in Sydney! Such a small world, I love it. After that, the two of us wandered up to Parc l’Orangerie. Apparently it’s gorgeous after snowfall, but today was completely clear. It was nice because we got to freely wander around and even see the animals in the zoo! An open zoo just plonked in the middle of the park. Completely random but so perfect. Never thought I’d see flamingos in France but there you go. Cue the pics…


La Reine des Galettes!


Birds walking on the frozen part


A Siberian Lynx with the fluffiest paws


Petition to make everything this colour


À la prochaine, mes chéries xo


5 thoughts on “I. Atterrissage

  1. Wow, those photos! It sure sounds like you’re having an incredible time. Such a wonderful adventure, we are so excited for you and look forward to more news. Xxxx


  2. I love some of your pic’s. Mega cool ( pun?) It sounds like you are starting to have fun too. I agree, I too would have been suprised to see a very pink flamingo in France. Just shows…one never knows what ya going to find.

    Liked by 1 person

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